Supporting Points For Statement

Something that’s strongly believed in any statement right bring the points in support of the statement in the first part of you see whether capitalism can lead to inclusive good don’t start by saying all capitalists are chores you know communism should be there and we should all become leftist points in support of that statement what was in India right why whatever is there what are the issues because of issues of so I’m not saying please understand I am NOT saying between the positive points first bring the negative points next no it depends on the topic water disputes within India is a negative topic in the sense it’s talking of disputes possible solutions time capitalism lead to inclusive growth inclusive judicial activism and Indian democracy why judicial activism is important but how it should not lead to judicial overreach the green wine. Get to know more about supporting points at Edusson.

So they’ll be top give the points that you want to write and give the points in support of the statement or relating to that statement first introduction then what are the points that you want to write in support of that statement related to that statement but the counter view in the second part and then a balanced conclusion saying then this is how it should be done so it varies from topic to topic but the principle remains the same like we saw capitalism time whether it can lead to inclusive growth is a separate topic judicial activism in India is a separate topic water disputes in India is a separate topic so I am NOT saying a positive- we’re all thrown spawns nothing depending on the topic you supporting that statement first judicial activism in India means why judicial activism came into India what are the advantages of having an activist judiciary or an active judiciary which has and give examples how it has led to various reforms but then you say what is the problem with judicial overreach can India.

I mean them in India and China to superpowers can they coexist don’t start writing about Lamas you first look like you whatever it is right no chloride sorry no clock okay so don’t start with that it’s you first write about India China how we have we have shared this Silk Route and how we are all in the Cheney Bible right from beginning and all that stuff how we have grown together what are the commonality what are the similarity what how we can coexist and all that but whatever challenges militarily we want each one is wanting to prove superior economically we have a huge population to to support there are boundary disputes right there is there is a tacit support to Pakistan from China China has been effectively blocking many resolutions which are proposed by India and the UN and then resolving these issues so that we both can exist as superpowers and us neighbors so any topic the point related to the topic the points in support of the statement in the topic bring it with first on the counter view you bring it later and then conclude.

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