Sources for Silicon Valley Web, Search, and Social Media Events

My job at at an educational non-profit leaves little time for blogging, but it also has made me aware of some interesting sources for event listings in Silicon Valley related to the web and search. Here is a sampling of organizations or event listings, with examples of upcoming or recent events. Many of the archived events have notes, audio, or video of the event available online.

Stanford University’s Center for the Study of Language and Instruction has two pages with cognitive science related events, and many gems can be found here. The CSLI weekly calendar, available by email, lists Bay Area events. The CSLI Local Area Events page links to dozens of classes, groups, and organizations with cognitive science events.

Stanford’s Human-Computer Interaction Seminar is open to everyone, and videos of past events are available. Guest speakers come from Google, Microsoft, IDEO, IBM, and more.

BayCHI has a calendar of HCI events in the Bay Area, and their archive of monthly events often includes detailed notes or audio.

  • Learning to create engaging apps for Facebook: What works and what does not, by BJ Fogg, Dave McClure, and colleagues. Dec 11.

UC Berkeley School of Information event page.

  • The Future of Search, John Battelle. Dec 3.
  • How Search Engines Shape our View of Cyperspace. Nov 26.
  • Convergence of User-Generated Content, Social Networking, and Mobile Services. Oct 2.

SDForum: The Emerging Technology Connection. SDForum has monthly general meetings, in addition to 18 Special Interest Groups. The SDForum also has a page for non-SDForum events that are of interest to their members.

  • Semantic Web SIG: Intelligence at the Interface. Dec 13.
  • Emerging Technology SIG: Friendsters at Work Displaying Social Media Streams in the Workplace. Dec 12.
  • Business Intelligence SIG: Do you know what customers are saying about you and your products? Dec 3.
  • Marketing SIG: Viral Marketing Unplugged. Nov 12.
  • Web Services SIG: Building the Facebook Platform. Oct 23.

PARC Forum is hosted by the Palo Alto Research Center. The current speaker series theme (through March 2008) is Going Beyond Web 2.0.

  • Chirs Anderson, The Long Tail. Jan 17.
  • Guy Kawasaki, Truemors. Dec 13.
  • Garret Camp, Stumble Upon. Nov 29t

MIT / Stanford Venture Lab

  • Affiliate Event: Why Mobile? Why India? Why now? Dec 5.
  • Introducing the Seventh Sense: Location Awareness. Oct 16.

Silicon Valley Web Guild has monthly meetings at Google HQ in Mountain View doesn’t seem to have regular meetings anymore. Topics have included Open Social, Online Platforms, and Mobile Advertising. A good way to see the Google campus, network, and pick up little Google schwag items to impress your son/daughter/niece/nephew/parent (yes Mom, I will get schwag for you next time, I promise).

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