Making A Writing Draft

I will just demonstrate you how to support your students are to write an essay on a good friend it’s very difficult to ask the students to begin at once on any topic so what we can do is to encourage them to jot down whatever comes to their mind the best way is to ask your students to think of their best friends and write down whatever comes to their Minds without thinking which will be the first Idea and which will be this second this way they can write down without any restrictions when they have Chocolate down the idea will ask them to number it which will be the first so the numbering that will be done into the idea suppose they are thinking of the physical traits so it will be 1234 then maybe about habits ok hobbies and then his features so you see that when we number them it is not necessary that the first item is the first you say it is number seven and the first number is here handsome.

The third stage will be grouping them together you see that a last four they are about the physical traits of the character so they will go together this one is about the Habit so it will be here K 12 and then his hobbies this may be here then about his other dates so this may be 5 this is what we mean by grouping together the ideas when they have group together now next stage will be adding interesting details this is important because this is just the skeleton and by giving minute details of the friend they will make the essay interesting honest give an example of his honesty ok you can say returned house and rupees get that you got got on the way so this will be one incident intelligent so an example of Intelligence if we can give that it will be interesting laborious well how many hours a studies hard working again and example we can talk about his routine then a sports lover which sports this can be named here and what are the achievements of the friends that can also be discussed non-vegetarian well again some incident what did he do when he wanted to have not waste food Tall well built curly hair impact we can talk about the impact ok so this is the draught now that students can use these points these details for writing a draught.

Writing draught is very important and here they will write according to the group that they have made in certain points table group together that means paragraph on group means one paragraph because here we are keeping in mind unity of Idea one paragraph has one Idea and the related. They go together and then comes the actual writing actual writing well there is no any hard and fast rule regarding the write up of an essay we can begin in anyway we can begin with a quotation we can begin with an anecdote we can begin with a definition we can begin in many ways but the most important thing is that we have to keep in mind that our AC should be pointed and it should be interesting as well.

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