Ask Admissions: How do I write an admissions essay?

The next question is, how do I write an admissions essay? That is a great question. It’s definitely something that you want to take time on. It’s not something you want to write the night before, and then just submit it to that admissions office. Typically admissions offices will post their question, or questions, ahead of time. At least a month or so in advance before they are releasing the application. If you’re filling out applications, like the Common Application, those are typically the same each year and you have a variety of questions to choose from. So, make sure that you know what that question is. The goal is to always answer that question. So, I know that a lot of students are going to be reusing their essays for different applications. We know that that happens. But you have to at least still want to make sure to tailor it and really personalize it to that institution that you’re submitting the application for. And again, making sure that you answer that specific question.

Best way to do it is to really do a rough draft first. And, you know,mtalk about yourself. You want to make sure to emphasize your story not just tell somebody else’s story. Not just write us a school paper, just based on research, and facts about what your major is.

We want to know why you are a good fit, typically, for that program, or for that institution. And what makes you a strong candidate to experiences that you have.

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